CS476A HW#2: Sound Peeking (Milestone 1/3)

Amy Lo
2 min readOct 11, 2023

Cursed balloons

A fun/useless audiovisual program in ChuGL

Zoom in and out of colored balls in a massive diffused grid. Use mouse input to change your viewing angle.

Link to HW#2 Milestone 1/3 code

3 ideas for sound visualizer design

Photo by jay huang on Unsplash

Idea 1: A teapot, whose steam represents the changing audio and the intensity is the amount of steam in the scene

The steam coming out of the teapot represents the changing audio. The intensity of the steam directly reflects the amplitude or frequency of the audio. As the audio changes, I adjust the steam’s height, density, and movement accordingly.

Photo by C. G. on Unsplash

Idea 2: A raindrop falling on a car window, like the ones I used to chase as a child

For the raindrops on a car window concept, I will visually represent raindrops falling on a car window. The way they move, drip, or vibrate gets influenced by the audio. Different audio characteristics like pitch, tempo, or intensity affect how the raindrops behave.

Photo by weston m on Unsplash

Idea 3: A figure skater, whose marks the ice relate to the featuress of audio

I will use a figure skater or skates on ice to depict audio features. As the audio plays, the skater’s movements and the marks left on the ice directly correlate with the audio characteristics. For instance, fast-paced music makes the skater perform intricate moves, while slow and soft music leads to graceful and slow-motion routines.



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